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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unlikely Paths

I’m clearly not in the habit of blogging, but sometimes I’m moved to say, Yes! Yes!   Here’s an essay on career choices that is such wonderful advice for people of any age that I have to point wildly to it:  http://nyti.ms/QlPHiD.

This story sure resonates with my past; although I wanted to be a writer, I couldn’t seem to make a living doing it, and so I did many other things.  The most demanding of these things was teaching young kids, which had never been a part of my original Author Plan.  Lo and behold, as I let go of writing dreams and learned to teach, something very odd happened: I grew from feeling I wasn’t a natural in the classroom to loving it, then eventually writing about it, which brought me back to my earliest passion.  I’d arrived at my goal by leaving it behind.  In addition, I’d found a new passion that could coexist with my oldest one.

I think that doing the very best you can on almost anything is, in itself, a liberating process, and can open many unexpected doors.  Perhaps at the moment you lose sight of where you thought you wanted to go, the journey really begins.